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About Mawenzi Freight Services Ltd.

Mawenzi Freight Services Ltd. Established in year 2002 with the aim of providing simplified cargo clearance at Dar Es Salaam Port. We are basically based at Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

We are licensed Customs Brokers/Freight Forwarders. Our office is fully equipped to produce full documentation on your inbound and outbound shipments. Moreover we can arrange for the cartage of goods from the port of entry to your facilities. Here we understand the door-to-door concept that importers are looking for.

Through our network of agents we are able to serve those needs with a unified logistics chain. Our office clears a wide arrangement of goods from Bulks to Cars to food and handles multiple regulatory agencies that may be involved in those shipments.

We offer the following services:
1. Clearance of Transit Cargo via Dar es Salaam Port from all over the world to the following destinations; Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi ,Mozambique and Uganda.

2. Forwarding of Exports from and to all over the world via Dar es sail am Port. (Mainly exports from Zambia, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi)

3. Offer logistical advisory to our existing and prospective clients.
- On documentation and import requirements.
- On good freight forwarders in UAE, china, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.

Why Use Mawenzi Freight Services?
Simply because of our outstanding competence in transit cargo clearance.

Since from its start nearly 10 years ago, we chose to specialize transit cargo. The company has competent workers and managed by a team of experienced personnel who have been in this field for more than 8 years..

- Our slogan, “Fastest cargo delivery services at competitive rates, has made us positioned highly in market niche.
- At Mawenzi Freight you will not only save time but also reduce your costs by getting right information and just in time delivery.
- At the end you will cut down your hotel and accommodations expenses for those clients who come to collect their cargo from Dar es Salaam.
- We can also instead of sending someone to supervise; we can organize for you hence totally remove that cost of sending someone.

The advice we offer will reduce the chances of making errors in documentations hence reduce time and expenses to our clients

Main Office at

P.O Box 12937,
Asg Building, 1st Floor,
Nyerere Road,
Tel: +255 (0)22 212 8680,
Fax: +255 (0)22 212 9269
+255 (0)78 691 9181
+255 (0)71 329 7542

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